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Updated Uptime Statistics

  • Wednesday, 4th November, 2015
  • 10:01am

We are happy to announce a more fine grained details page regarding our uptime and have updated our uptime monitoring page to reflect these changes.


Our updated page is located at https://zenithmedia.ca/network-status and will display client facing services. Stats have been renewed and the new start date for uptime is November 3rd 2015. This service is currently in beta, and changes will come on how the information is displayed.


As of now you can see server names, up/down and the last 30 days of statistics with an over all value. You can also click on the graphs next to the names to view extra information; like response time and check information allowing to see changes in the status with specific times, this will eventually allow us to time SLA queries with precise statistics.


Network related tools are being moved to https://www.zenithmedia.net as we continue to move our networking aspect of Zenith Media Canada to a proper domain name mechanism.


This visual tool is currently in beta and will not be counted towards SLA's until we test it specifically, if you have any SLA related questions please contact your account representative.


We will continue to add more servers / services as we continue this beta and rearrange names to help clients find information regarding what service could be affected.


Currently we plan to release the services using the following naming scheme.




CA - ADAM - DNS - 53


EU - CASPAR - DNS - 53


We are also upgrading our infrastructure to provide global coverage, and we will update the status page as this progresses.


- Jon Wong

Cloud Farmer at Zenith Media Canada

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