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Free SSL Certificates for all clients!

  • Sunday, 27th December, 2015
  • 14:06pm

Happy holidays from everyone at Zenith Media Canada; We are happy to announce the beginning of our FREE SSL Certificate program


We are in the process of integrating the Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates into our platform.


As it stands now (December 27th 2015) we are offering SSL certificates to all our existing clients. We are rolling out the update automatically and all sites will have access to https:// we will not forward your existing sites automatically, you can contact support with any issues and we will include a guide on how to verify and confirm SSL is working and how to transfer all request to your new SSL enabled website.


Our partnership with https://letsencrypt.org will allow us and eventually the world to encrypt all website communication. Ensuring complete infrastructure security. Something we at Zenith Media Canada take to <3. All of our services run over an encrypted SSL and the last step was ensuring all our hosted websites would also benefit from our security.


If you're not currently a client; We can transfer your website and enable the SSL on your account free of charge (plus monthly hosting charges) but the transfer is completely free!


The only current limitation we have encountered is with our Partnership with CloudFlare CDN, our service has for ages allowed users to benefit from the DDOS protection and scalability of CloudFlare but due to partnership limitations (it should change soon, we hope) we cannot seamlessly combine the power of the FREE SSL offering and CloudFlare CDN, it is possible for advanced users to bypass this limitation; and after speaking with support we can help. But it won't be as transparent as we would like for the time being. Hence why we are not forcing SSL on all connections for the moment.


Happy holidays and we hope you all have a great new year! More to come in 2016 !


-Jon Wong

Founder of Zenith Media Canada

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