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Payment Gateway Change

  • Wednesday, 21st May, 2014
  • 16:04pm
We are proud to announce our partnership with Stripe! We have decided to replace our current implementation of PayPal as a credit card payment processing gateway.

Our decision to switch to Stripe is due to the fact that PayPal forces an external link when making a payment, in an effort to streamline the payment process, we included Stripe on checkout forms allowing us to minimize the amounts of clicks before confirming an order.

In general this switch will not be noticed by new clients, and in all documentations Stripe will be referred to as "Credit Card". We decided to exclude references to Stripe in an effort to reduce confusion. Credit Cards will not be stored on our system reducing liability and ensuring our customers data does not come at risk of being compromised. Client information is encrypted by our 256bit SSL provided by Trustwave and comes with a $10,000 USD insurance on all transactions. You can view the validity of our SSL by clicking on the Trustwave icon at the bottom of every page, as an extra layer of security we have also teamed up with SiteLock the global leader in website security, protects you from hackers, spam, viruses, scams, removes malware, and provides PCI Compliance for our system.

Your credit card information is tokenized on our system as a reference and send over our 256bit SSL to Stripe, who stores your actual credit card details on their PCI compliant system ensuring maximum security.

For customers still using Paypal we will continue to enable support of that Payment Gateway for the foreseeable future. If you would like to use PayPal as a new customer we will provide that feature on a per account basis.
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