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Clustered Anti-Spam System by Zenith Media Canada

  • 5th December 2016
We are happy to announce that we have migrated our individual spam services on each server to a clustered setup allowing our spam system to learn about valid and invalid emails being sent to our system.In the past we setup anti spam mechanisms on each individual server (SpamAssassin), learning what is and what isnt spam, to help protect our ...
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Free SSL Certificates for all clients!

  • 27th December 2015
Happy holidays from everyone at Zenith Media Canada; We are happy to announce the beginning of our FREE SSL Certificate program   We are in the process of integrating the Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates into our platform.   As it stands now (December 27th 2015) we are offering SSL certificates to all our existing clients. We are rolling out ...
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Updated Uptime Statistics

  • 4th November 2015
We are happy to announce a more fine grained details page regarding our uptime and have updated our uptime monitoring page to reflect these changes.   Our updated page is located at https://zenithmedia.ca/network-status and will display client facing services. Stats have been renewed and the new start date for uptime is November 3rd 2015. ...
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Major Client Portal Updates!

  • 3rd August 2015
We are pleased to announce that we received a major update to our customer portal.The changes are too great to list here, but you can login to your account and view all the new features that were added.Common tasks like adding emails to your account can be done via the portal, no need to login to your cPanel account.If you have any problems with ...
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