Hosted e-Mail service

Unlimited email accounts!

Cloud Hosted e-Mail

Cloud Hosted e-Mail solution for unlimited accounts and 5 GB of base data.

No minimum or maximum email limit, pay for what you use.

You can add multiple add-on domains and or park them giving you management capabilities all in one interface.

Hosted e-Mail provides a secured web mail solution and IMAPS service. This allows you to configure the email on your phone or view it in a browser.

We offer auto configuration for Apple Products using mobile config scripts. Speak with your account manage for help setting up your account.

Extra fee of 0.99$ per add-on and 0.50$ per gigabyte of storage

Included With Every Plan

   Apple automatic configuration
   Shared calendar
   Shared contact list
   Secured web browser interface
   Compatible with all modern devices
   Secure IMAPS
   SSL Included
   Unlimited access to bandwidth
   Unlimited user accounts
   Unlimited email accounts
   Upgrade to dedicated cloud website hosting
   Self Learning anti spam system included
   DMARC Compliant
   SPF Compliant
   DKIM Compliant
   Sendgrid Integration
   Redundant email system with servers in Canada the US and Europe
   DNS management included
   Unlimited Mailing List opportunities
   No minimum or maximum user pricing, pay for what you use