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MySQL Database Permisions Print

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For WHMCS to run properly and maintain security, we recomend the following data base user permision settings;

During installation and updates of WHMCS

You should allow the defined user all priviledges during this process.

During normal operation we recomend disabaling all permisions except for;


You can view the users permisions by going loging into our portal system and selecting your hosted account.
When you select the account you will be able to login to cPanel via a secured API transaction.

Inside of cPanel please select;

MySQL® Databases application

Onces inside navigate down to the section titled

Current Databases

Depending on your account, you might have multiple databases and users who have acces to it.
Please open up a support ticket if you are not sure. And we can guide you the rest of the way.

find the correct database and select the user in the Privileged Users heading.
You are now at the edit permisions screen for this user.

Repeat the process for every WHMCS installation.

During incremental updates please remember to following the above steps; and re-enable all priviledges as to not interrupt the update process.

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