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This guide is to help users who have customer that say they are receiving emails "on behalf of Zenith Media Canada" or "zenithmedia.ca" or "zenithmedia.net" - this commonly happens with GMail / Outlook / Outlook Express

If this issue happens to you, please open up a ticket with our support team and we will re-validate your domain on our servers and partner APIs.

This happens because our partners Mandrill Sendgrid relay all mail from all our servers, allowing us to track delivery / clicks and opens for all outgoing emails in hopes to resolve SPAM issues, Network Issues and generate statistics for our managed clients.

We make every effort to automaticly add new users to the Mandrill Sendgrid API but due to network congestion or API downtime (on their part) some users domains are not added.

Currently (March 14th 2016) this bug exists in the adding of new domain names to an existing account (addon domains)

For clients sending high volume mails via SMTP / Mailing List or other hosted soultions. You settings should be managed by you, directly with Mandrill SendGrid.

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