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Increase in Covid spam detected (In corso)

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Data - 22/03/2020 19:50

Ultimo Aggiornamento - 26/03/2020 19:53

Placeholder - General Maintenance (Segnalato)

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Our grid of general maintenance for your consideration, this is the default rules we follow. Exceptions per server are made based on client requirements.


Process Start Time End Time System Load / Priority Comments
Server Reboot Sunday 20:00 Sunday 24:00 Low Usually on when a new kernel or security patch
Analytics Daily 1:00 Daily 2:00 Low Push of all analytics to hive
Server Backup 4:00 6:00 Medium Days depend on contract (Daily,Weekly,Monthly)
Server Backup Offsite 6:00 7:00 Medium Offloading to Cold Storage
Server Updates 7:00 7:30 Low Automatic Package Updates


This is a general rule of thumb based on average usage. Times are average based on system load.

Data - 23/10/2018 22:57

Ultimo Aggiornamento - 23/10/2018 23:14

Placeholder - Server Status (Segnalato)

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This is a placeholder. Please ignore. If nothing above this post is displayed, then no issues are currently reported.

You can view a live status of all our servers

Data - 23/02/2016 01:41

Ultimo Aggiornamento - 23/10/2018 23:13