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Software as a Service (Saas)

Hosted and Managed Applications for your Business. Turn-Key and Plug-and-Play

Nubes WordPress Cloud Platform - Pro

The benefits to you are no more dealing with updates or plugin security, we make sure it's updated and secure plus we add layers of security in the background.
1 GB of space (100 times more!) then our entry plan.
Custom Installed Plugins
Custom Installed Themes
Visit our product page for more information Nubes.ca

WHM/cPanel Backup Mail Exchange - MX

Simple redundancy for your existing cPanel email servers

Looking to supplement your email offering with backup MX?

cPanel backup MX service geared towards existing email server providers who are seeking to strengthen their incoming email offering and allowing global redundancy if your primary server gets overloaded or is down for maintenance than we can keep your email until you come back online.

cPanel rSpamd Spam Filtering Service

Our anti-spam email protection is for cPanel email administrators who need a plug-and-play self-learning neuro network built in Canada.

Artificial Intelligence and the collaboration of critical data providers like SpamHaus and Mcafee inject over 18,000,000 million data points into our cloud.

The anti-spam email service processed over 1,200,000 million requests in the cloud and continues to learn and grow as time flows.

No need to hire a developer; you can perform the integration, with a few modifications to Exim and its configuration page on cPanel WHM, and you're ready to take advantage of our instant protection.

Our subscription service is based on a per-IP monthly model and allows unlimited bidirectional mail flow scanning.