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Invoice re-Structure for non European Customers

  • Saturday, 29th June, 2019
  • 08:24am

We are happy to announce that non-European customers will now see the proper ID for their invoices.

One of our users noticed the "Sequential Payment" on invoices in Canada! (Thank you for the feedback <3)

What's the big deal? Well in Europe when you pay an invoice ID, you get a payment invoice as a confirmation.

This feature allows for invoices to have various payment invoices with different numbers, but in North America, we treat them as "Transactions" on the same invoice.


  • You receive an invoice of 100.00$
  • You make a payment of 50.00$ on July 1st you receive a paid PDF with a numbering scheme as ZM2019-INVOICEPAYMENTID1
  • You make another payment of 50.00$ on July 2nd and receive a 2nd PDF with an invoice number of ZM2019-INVOICEPAYMENTID2
  • When the invoice is fully paid, you'll receive a final PDF with a "Paid" and the ID of the invoice ex: #INVOICE1

Outside of Europe, using the above example, you should see it working in the following way.

On July 2nd, you will receive your confirmation that the invoice is paid, and you will see both transactions on the invoice.

Closing the invoice and marking it as PAID while using the same invoice id ex:#INVOICE1 the whole time in the web portal, email templates and printable PDF's


Essentially we will be allowing our North American customers to make multiple payments on invoices without it generating an invoice payment ID, just showing up as transactions instead.

This modification should make it easier for your accounting departments to match paid invoices.

We hope this resolved any issues relating to invoicing and invoice payment numbering.

Our European customers will still be using the old system; this only effects everyone outside of Europe. This feature might change in the future to help simplify our codebase as moving towards Transactions is becoming the standard worldwide.

We have updated our logic and web templates, email templates to match the changes if you notice any anomalies. Please report them to your account manager.

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