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Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2016 Print

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This is a small table to help you create images of the right size for social media pages. Please remember that the sizes are the max size, we recommend adding white space around your image.

This tabled was generated on November 3rd 2016

Social SiteProfile SizeCover SizeShare Size
Twitter 400px x 400px 1500px x 500px 440px x 220px
Facebook 180px x 180px 851px x 315px 1200px x 630px
Instagram 110px x 110px 161px x 161px 1080px x 1080px
Pinterest 165px X 165px 222px x 150px 236px Width
LinkedIn 400px x 400px 974px x 300px 1000px x 425px
Tumblr 128px x 128px   500px x 750px
YouTube 250px x 250px 2560px x 1440px 1280px x 760px
Google+ 250px x 250px 1080px x 608px 497px x 279px

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