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Speed up your business online with our Canadian cloud website hosting solution and outperform your competitors.

We optimize and enhance the performance of your WordPress, store or custom web application at all levels with 15+ years in the business; you can rely on us.

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Cloud Connected World

Lightning fast cloud website hosting

Rocket fast cloud hosting servers

Our cloud web servers are running the latest OpenStack cloud technology at lightning-fast speeds.

Resources are dedicated to your business, ensuring that you always get the performance you need to grow.

With our cloud hosting at every major intersection of the internet, we are confident that we can improve the quality of your business.

We are ready to help launch your business to its zenith!

Security is the #1 priority for our Website Hosting

We secure your cloud website hosting with the latest protection, giving you the peace of mind that your business is safe.

  • DDoS protection from people trying to flood your site with dirty traffic
  • Software level protection, protecting every visit from malicious intent
  • PCI security compliance scanning of our entire cloud platform
  • 24/7 Automated monitoring of every aspect of our network
  • Experts reviewing events as they happen, offering a manual intervention for an extra level of security
Cloud Security

Management of your Website Hosting is Key

Creation Process

We give you the tools to manage and customize your cloud website using the most straightforward and most complete management interface. cPanel the #1 control panel in the industry.

You can easily create new email accounts for you and your colleagues, and download autoconfiguration files to ease their transition.

Instantly install WordPress and get your business off its feet in minutes, add a few plugins and you can have a store and start accepting orders by the end of the day.

Resilient is the core of our Website Hosting

Built to last, with performance upgrades at the click of a button, and quick access to dedicated resources when you need them.

We can automate the deployment and expand our cloud infrastructure to grow with you in a reliable and replicable way.

Our playbooks include the most significant Canadian network of cloud servers in North America, putting you and your business where it needs to be. Squarely in the cloud.

Open Source Software

Transfer to our Website Hosting

Site Transfer

We include free transfer service. Schedule a date and organize your files, databases and network information to ease the transition to our state of the art cloud service.

Don’t have the technical knowhow? Open a request so we can help!

Do you have a large dataset or hundreds of users, terabytes of space? No problem, we have a solution.

Cloud Website Hosting Intro Video
Click on the above image for a short video on our cloud website hosting solution

Included with every Cloud Hosting Solution

Access to over 500 domainsOpenStack Cloud Technology Global DNS
Unlimited BandwidthcPanel Web ManagementCloud Backups
Anti-SpamLet’s Encrypt SSL CertificateClustered Firewall
Google Ads CreditUnlimited DatabasesGlobal Anti DDoS
Lightspeed APIRedundant MailContact & Calendar Team Synchronization
Automatic Mail Configuration24/7 System MonitoringGlobal Outgoing Mail System
Mail Reputation MonitoringSecure Web, Mail, FTP and Management InterfacesUnlimited Available Storage
Email Failover Triple Data Replication Python Passenger
NodeJSRuby on RailsHardened PHP from 5.6 to 7.4
Git Version Control Unlimited Email Accounts Brotli / HTTP 2 / Redis
Terminal AccessDevelopment ToolsWeb Application Firewall

We built our cloud hosting solutions to replace your need for a dedicated server or virtual private servers (VPS).

Why waste time or risk the security of your data by learning how to run servers when we built them with love and over 15 years of experience for you.

Still unsure? Contact us so we can help you pick the right solution.