Absolute Management & Consulting

Absolute Management & Consulting

Our Offer

We offer management of infrastructure, cPanel, e-commerce store, billing software, WordPress and everything in between.

We speak all the popular programming languages and can help integrate your existing software with your suppliers (API ntegration)

We work with big names like Microsoft, Glaxo Smith Kline, National Cash Register (NCR Corp), Rogers, Telus, Desjardins and many more. We are trusted in the industry for our top of the line consulting and management service.

We deal with companies small and large and are building services in Canada to meet demand.

Canadian Management

We are a 100% based Canadian business, with infrastructure in Canada with access to cloud-based servers worldwide that can meet any growing business.

We offer a cloud-based web hosting as a service company (HaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) hybrid networks.

Our Canadian server infrastructure is one of the most extensive technological collaborations in Quebec.

With partners at every level, we can help you strive with any technology.

Server management and consulting as system administrators

How we got started in management

We have been in business for over 15 years and have been working our way to the top ever since. We thrive on providing accurate and precise responses and build it in our workflow.

Thanks to our work with major companies in the business, we have been able to create trust.

We have been able to keep the cost down by building relationships with our partners and moving away from a centralized office into the world of remote working.

We have a staff of consultants ready to assist you and your company.

Developer Friendly customer management and consulting
Ideal customer locations

Our Ideal Customer

We enjoy working with Agencies in marketing, design and advertising.
We act as a technical arm of those agencies; they tend to dabble in aspects like microsites and landing pages for their marketing campaigns or embed 3rd party services and need basic website development.

That’s where we come in; we host and support their website applications so they can focus on what’s important to them.

Many of our clients deal with other hosting companies that offer the web hosting aspect or just domain registration or just email; we combine it all under one roof.

We manage our servers and built the infrastructure beneath it, if there’s an issue, we can pinpoint it and don’t have to run around for username/password; we control the network, we don’t need someone else to come in.

That’s the main benefit we offer to our customers.

Technological management and system development


Thinking of expanding your business and need help figuring out all of the different technologies and how they work together?


Want to integrate with your suppliers, add an e-commerce store or update your site and build a cool feature?


Want us to deploy, manage and secure your dedicated servers? Hybrid Cloud or cPanel installations?

15 Years of ExperienceOpenStack Cloud TechnologycPanel Certified
Business Management CertificationYelp PartnerCertified WordPress Hosting Provider
Facebook PartnerGoogle PartnerOpenSRS Partner
Cloudflare PartnerApple Business CertifiedPython3 Certification
Mail Reputation Monitoring24/7 System MonitoringAccess to over 500 domains

Call us now and speak with our consultants about your project. 1-855-ZENITH-0