Free Google Ads Credit

We have been a Google Ads Partner for over 5 years!

Are you running ads on for your store or business and trying to attract new customers?

If yes, then we can help you save! By signing up, you’ll receive credits automatically, without having to scour the internet for coupon codes.

We have been a Google Ads Partner for over 5 years and run as a Marketing Control Center (MCC) for your brands.

By signing up, you’ll be wholly entered into our system and start receiving credits as soon as they become available.

Our most substantial credit was of 500.00$ Canadian dollars.
That’s a massive boost to your ads campaign.

We don’t generally manage Google Ads, but we do have the partnership, and instead of letting it go to waste, we bring the savings to you!

We won’t change or adjust your current ads campaign, and we’ll send you a request to manage the ads so we can apply discounts when we get them from Google.

Sign up and provide your Google Ads ID (XXX-XXX-XXXX). We’ll send you an MCC request, and you’ll receive it by email, and when you accept us as your MCC the next time we have credits to give, you’ll have it applied to your account. You’ll receive an email from Google with the details of the promotional credits. Including the amount and time table to spend the ads credit.

We recommend that you create your campaigns and pause your ads if you don’t plan on running them yet. When the credits come in, you’ll have all your ads ready to go!

This offer applies worldwide, and the discounts are based on your ad account country. You will receive an email from Google directly when we administer a credit to your account.