About Zenith Media Canada a local Managed Service Provider

Zenith Media Canada is a Managed Service Provider who offers hybrid cloud-based hosting as a service and software as a service solutions to its global customers.

Our purpose is to serve as the technical backbone for medium to large businesses, eliminating the need to hire multiple experts in various fields.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes system administration, security, networking, and consulting.

With years of collective experience, we provide an all-encompassing solution that is both memorable and authentic.

Zenith Media Canada Company Logo with Slogan; Business in the cloud

We have worked with big names like Microsoft, Glaxo Smith Kline, National Cash Register, Rogers, Telus, Fido and many more. We are trusted in the industry for our quality of service & years of experience.

We deal with companies small and large and are building services in Canada to meet growing demand.

We are a 100% based Canadian business, with our core infrastructure in Canada with access to OpenStack cloud clusters from around the world.

About Zenith Media Canada a local Managed Service Provider

How Zenith Media Canada got started?

We got started in the business over 15 years ago and have been working our way to the top ever since we began. We continue to evolve.

We thrive on providing accurate and clear support, we build it in our workflow.

Thanks to our work with major companies in the business we have been able to create trust and thrive.

We have been able to keep the cost down by building relationships with our partners and moving away from a centralized location and into the world of remote working.

We have a diverse pool of consultants ready to assist you and your company.

What makes Zenith Media Canada special?

We are an agile company taking on projects for customers worldwide, from Montreal, Quebec to the far reaches of the Canadian wilderness and everywhere in between.

Our success is in our global reaching infrastructure, partnerships with leading tech companies and state of the art automation.

This methodology allows a small team to manage massive infrastructure with ease, consistency, and replicability.

We’re a small team with big tools.

Zenith Media Canada’s Ideal Customer

We enjoy working with Agencies in marketing, design and advertising.

We act as a technical arm of those agencies; they tend to require consulting, development & application management.

That’s where we come in, we host and support their applications so they can focus on what’s important to them, their clients.

A lot of our clients deal with multiple hosting companies that offer web hosting aspect or just domain registration, what we do is combine it all under one cohesive roof.

We manage our servers and built the infrastructure, so if there’s an issue we can pinpoint it and don’t have to run around for username/password we control the whole network, so we don’t need someone else to come in. That’s the main benefit we offer to our customers.

We also offer a substantial discount to agencies since they tend to take the customer management aspect out so we can focus on the technical side.

We have a generous affiliate partner program available.

Products and Services offered by Zenith Media Canada


  • Working with you to create a coding project based on your needs
  • We look at your existing code and optimizing it for speed and performance
  • We speak many languages from Python to PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML and everything in between
  • We have experience working with multiple platforms like WordPress

Hosted Infrastructure

  • Top of the line cloud-based website hosting built on OpenStack in the largest Datacenter in Canada
  • We have access to 500+ domain extensions from industry specific like .restaurant and globally accepted like .ca and .com
  • Global DNS infrastructure in Canada, the United States, Europe with over 50 million requests served
  • Hosted email offers enhanced delivery, monitoring and top of the line security (SPF/DMARC/DKIM)
  • Scanning of all incoming and outgoing email with 1.8 million virus rules, multiple IP reputation protecting you from spam and viruses with over half a million emails scanned. We don’t just block we score and assess
  • Email redundancy known as BackupMX, never lose an email due to downtime with seven days plus of retention. cPanel BackupMX

Server Management

  • We manage and monitor your servers 24 hours a day seven days a week, using internal and external tools
  • Sizeable and configurable based on project and projected requirements, from 1 CPU and 4 GB of ram to 36 CPU and 128 GB of ram with 20 terabytes of storage
  • Sharing of security information is part of our proactive protection cluster-wide, if one of our cloud servers gets attacked then all our servers share the information protecting them 24/7
  • Triple replication on data, load balancing options and a massive cluster of servers backing our cloud platform
  • Having a dedicated managed cloud server gives you access to our advanced cloud hosted infrastructure solution and includes them with each server you rent


We can solve your technical issues by unifying your projects under one professional roof.

We think we would be an excellent fit for you and your company, we have the technical skills and would love a partner that has their head in the game and are tired of dealing with our “competitors”.

We are a word of mouth business growing with reputation, we would like to join forces with experts in their field, growing mutually is our goal.

Welcome video for Zenith Media Canada
Short welcome video featuring Kymmy Pops


The best way to contact us is by using our telephone number; 1-855-ZENITH-0. If you’re local in the Montreal, Quebec region then you can call our offices at 1-514-316-1366 if you’re in our sister city Toronto, Ontario then you can use 1-647-848-1366

If your questions are of a technical nature or you have large projects you’d want to discuss then we encourage you to open a request on our customer portal. This will allow our team to follow along easily.