Free Nonprofit web hosting, charities web hosting and fundraising web hosting

Nonprofit web hosting, email & a great website. Access to this service for nonprofits, charities & fundraising campaigns. For free!

Nonprofit Web Hosting – High Reliability

Nonprofit web hosting, email & a great website. Access to this service for nonprofits, charities & fundraising campaigns. For free!

Our web hosting technology is state of the art, with thousands of connections per day. We are offering all the latest tools for your nonprofit, charity or fundraising campaign. You can take advantage of our numerous website templates to quickly build your online presence and have it online 24 hours a day. We are built on top of our cloud infrastructure managed by our dedicated team of experts.

Nonprofit web hosting

Charities Email – Guaranteed Delivery

Our cloud-based mail service offers mobile, tablet & desktop access. We are giving you and your staff an intuitive web interface with synchronization and auto-installation option, making it a breeze to setup.

Fundraising Website Templates – No Coding Required!

We offer numerous website templates for your organization, from a vast selection of styles. Select a theme, fill out the information and hit submit! Your site is generated based on the information provided with zero code or technical knowledge required. For larger organizations, we offer a one-click installation of over 130 tools to help grow your campaign.

How We Can Help, In Three Easy Steps

Zenith Media Canada is proud to offer this service to any nonprofit, charity or fundraising campaign for free* or at a significantly reduced price. The idea of allowing easy access to our facility for these types of organizations has been a long-lasting dream of our founder.

Fill out all your information using the below form.

Write a description of your campaign, what it represents, and how you will impact that cause.

Please submit your request; we assign you a project manager and review your application.


*We offer this service for free to micro nonprofits in exchange for adding our Name and Logo during your campaigning on your site, in emails and on print. Any organization that is larger than a microsite has the same requirements as well as a significantly reduced price. We also offer the possibility to exchange donation credits. The only fee that you or your organization could incur is a yearly fee of ~20.00$ CAD for registering and or renewing your domain name.

You can also request our turn-key packages as a prize when campaigning. We would offer your organization with a redemption code that can be raffled, given or gained as a bonus at no extra cost to you or your organization.

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