Backed by Cloudflare Optimized Hosting Partner Program

We are a part of the Cloudflare Optimized Hosting Partner Program that is committed to giving you the perfect online performance that you need.

Regardless of the type of business you have, Zenith Media Canada is the only company that can bring the best solutions to your online needs.

We are one of the most significant technology leaders in the hosting industry that offer the newest cloud-based services to thousands of customers all over the world.

Cloudflare Optimized Partner Program

Distribute your content around the world, so it’s closer to your visitors.

CloudFlare, Inc.

Railgun™ Technology – Cacheing your site efficiently

Railgun™ is the newest performance optimization technology from CloudFlare that provides you with valuable improvements in website load times. This groundbreaking technology ensures that the link between the Cloudflare network and our network is as fast and straightforward as possible.

This technology achieves a compression ratio of 99.6% for formerly uncacheable web items with the use of strategies similar to those in high-quality video compression. Railgun™ technology works by determining that uncacheable website pages do not change very rapidly.

This partnership results in a 730% performance increase on average for web traffic from our web server to Cloudflare’s network.

Railgun™ technology consists of two different components – the listeners and the sender. The sender installed at each CloudFlare data center throughout the world (spans 200 cities and more than 90 countries).

In contrast, the listener is an essential software component that is managed by us for our customers. As we implement this innovative technology, we are now establishing our name as one of the best and fastest hosts that you can find online.

The Real Advantage CloudFlare

To ensure that your experience with Zenith Media Canada is as memorable and as significant as possible, we guarantee to give you unrivalled services that you need.

We are also offering this partnership as a value-added service to help you get the most out of your online experience with our company.

You will surely be surprised at how much faster your website will begin to load after you turn on Railgun™.

Combining both strategies and innovative network optimization, we have the net effect of a performance increase for our customer’s websites, no matter where they are throughout the world.

By offering Railgun™ to our customers, we ensure to give you unrivalled online services that you are looking for.

Protect your website from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to DDOS

CloudFlare Inc.
Backed by Cloudflare Optimized Hosting Partner Program

CloudFlare Protection

Unparalleled website application security experience is what you will enjoy from Zenith Media Canada.

Online threats can range from those nuisances such as excessive BOT crawling and comment spam to malicious attacks such as a denial of service attacks (DOS) and SQL injections.

Your services as well your network will be automatically secured and protected from a vast range of those TCP floods, including ICMP, UDP and SYN attacks.

We are offering groundbreaking security protection against the different types of web attacks to make sure that your site is always safe and secured. We deliver the best security measures for all our customers’ locations.

Kymmy Pops - CloudFlare
Kymmy explaining our Cloudflare partnership