Cloudflare Optimized Hosting Partner Insider Video

Kymmy Pops - CloudFlare
Short video of our Cloudflare optimized hosting partnership

Cloudflare Railgun™ Technology – Cacheing your site efficiently

Railgun™ is the newest performance optimization technology from CloudFlare that provides you with valuable improvements in website load times. This groundbreaking technology ensures that the link between the Cloudflare network and our network is as fast and straightforward as possible.

This technology achieves a compression ratio of 99.6% for formerly uncacheable web items with the use of strategies similar to those in high-quality video compression. Railgun™ technology works by determining that uncacheable website pages do not change very rapidly.

This partnership results in a 730% performance increase on average for web traffic from our web server to Cloudflare’s network.

You can read the full story at our Cloudflare partner page.