CIRA D-Zone DNS Partnership

We decided to partner with D-Zone, a daughter company of CIRA, the organization that runs the dot-CA domain names.

An efficient and stable DNS is crucial to your business. DNS response times create a positive client experience on your site, and a perfect up-time for DNS resolution prevents your organization from vanishing off the internet.

Various vulnerabilities can take down your DNS – Denial of service attacks (DDoS), network outage, configuration mistakes, power outage.

A DNS blackout can cost a loss ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars every hour.

Despite the high risk and financial loss associated with DNS blackouts, most organizations have not made moves to sufficiently ensure their DNS is protected.

The remedy is an efficient and robust anycast DNS framework overseen by experts.

Our partnership with CIRA and their D-Zone Anycast system allows us to delegate your zones on our cluster and replicate it on theirs.

This solution allows you to use the same management system as usual and benefit from their global cluster of DNS servers without configuring or managing another application or web interface.

D-Zone Anycast DNS servers located in Canada and internet centers worldwide, managed in such a way as to make it resilient and provide a 100 percent service level agreement (SLA).

Short video on D-Zone Anycast DNS

High-Reliability DNS Service

In light of the way DNS was developed, high reliability was an issue because if one nameserver went down, it would cause a massive slow down to all incoming connections and would only resolve when the server came back online.

With D-Zone, the most significant amount of redundancy is attained with two different clouds built with redundancy in mind in a geo dispersed manner. If one nameserver goes down, it is removed internally from the cluster and doesn’t slow down any incoming requests.

When you contrast the unicast system to the anycast network, you are supplanting unicast transparently with an anycast cloud server that utilizes autonomous equipment and transit providers. This partnership ensures against routing or transit network outages that could bring down your whole DNS network and website or web applications.

Your D-Zone nameservers answer inquiries from different nameservers on the internet dispersed globally.

D-Zone puts your nameservers near the person who requests them to increase response time allowing for your app to be snappier.

D-Zone nameservers are in areas with great access to the internet, for example, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

DDoS Protection for attacks against the DNS

Build strength to DDoS attacks with the additional query limit and data transmission of the D-Zone Anycast DNS cloud.

To the world, the cloud shows up as a single IP address.

In reality, it is a system of geologically distributed nameservers.

An anycast cloud is a great deal more robust in resisting a DDoS attack than single unicast servers because it utilizes geo-location to specify what server answers a query and because the network has the combined capacity and bandwidth of all the servers.

With anycast, the impact of an attack isolated to the name server closest to the source(s) of the attack.

Moreover, the D-Zone structural planning has redundancy at both the nodes and with an essential and optional cloud too much further relieve the effect of DDoS assaults.

The net result is DDoS attacks that start vacuumed up by the global hubs to alleviate the danger that hackers can bring down your website.

DDoS attacks inside Canada are drenched up by the nearby hub that is geographically closest to the attack, securing whatever left of your Canadian website.

Backed by the expertise of CIRA

The need to give names to more than two million CA domains demands a devotion to quality, security and dependability that is key to the D-Zone Anycast DNS service.

This solution incorporates structural planning that is more than 100 times over-provisioned, influences both nearby and worldwide hubs to ensure the flow of Canadian traffic.

This solution supports DNSSEC, IPv6 and serviced by an enterprise-class 24×7 technical support.

Why we chose D-Zone (Cira) as an optimized anycast partner

Many reasons informed our decision to choose D-Zone as an optimized anycast partner.

D-Zone enables your website to maintain a high level of presence in the internet world, and it makes access to your website faster and less tedious.

D-Zone is managed in a way to make it achieve a perfect uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The fact the nodes are designed with superfluous, burden adjusted, cutting edge supplies to enhance limit, dormancy, security and up-time convinced us that D-Zone is the best anycast optimized partner that we should choose.

D-Zone provides us with the highest level of redundancy with two separate clouds.

D-Zone offers a DNS Anycast solution that is global but delivers particular benefits for organizations or business units where Canadian traffic is essential.

D-Zone architecture has redundancy at both the nodes and with a primary and secondary cloud to even further mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks.

Trust us; we will always put our money where our mouth is. We have critically analyzed D-Zone, and we came out with the verdict that D-Zone is the best for us.

We are yet to set our eyes on a better anycast optimized partner.