cPanel Anti-Spam Email Protection

CPanel EXIM WHM anti-spam email protection with artificial intelligence and support from leading providers

Anti-Spam Email Solution

Our anti-spam email protection is for cPanel email administrators who need a plug-and-play self-learning neuro network built in Canada.

Artificial Intelligence and the collaboration of critical data providers like SpamHaus and Mcafee inject over 18,000,000 million data points into our cloud.

Self-Learning Anti-Spam Email Service with email scoring and advanced message processing.


The foundational protection achieves monitoringrate-limitinggreylisting and scanning email attachments for viruses.

Score outgoing mail flows to prevent compromised accounts from sending spam. Advanced processing of links, textual elements, headers, and SMTP data creates definitions that improve and protect your reputation.

Anti-Spam email solution with virus scanning and SPF, DKIM and DMARC validation

Anti-Spam Email Validation

Protection from uniquely crafted emails intended to deceive anti-spam filters by rearranging the language and replacing characters with their analogs or hidden discrepancies within text patterns.

Verification of SPF, DKIM, DMARC creates the trifecta of validation at all levels of a domain using cryptographic email security, maintaining rules at the DNS level, acting as emails two-factor authentication mechanism.

We verify each IP in the data path, be it SMTP for email or HTTP servers found behind links and anonymizers. We use that data to quantify network reputation and inject millions of data points from top tier providers like SORBS and the Baracuda Network.

Anti-Phishing data points by the PhishTank and OpenPhish networks, allows members to share metadata and match email flow patterns of real-time phishing attacks performed on a global scale.

The anti-spam email service processed over 1,200,000 million requests in the cloud and continues to learn and grow as time flows.

Hassle free anti-spam email, setup in 15 minutes

Hassle Free Anti-Spam Emails

Fifteen minutes and you’re ready to take advantage of our instant protectionNo need to hire a developer; you can perform the integration, with a few modifications to Exim and its configuration page on cPanel WHM.

Our subscription service is based on a per-IP monthly model and allows unlimited bidirectional mail flow scanning.