Cluster A: Email issues

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Affected Service: Cluster A: Email issues

Jul 15, 20:00 UTC
Resolved - The engineering teams identified issues with our storage devices and have resolved the problems causing webmail login to fail. Our engineers will be running naturalizing jobs throughout the night to ensure we no longer experience high load, we can say now that our cluster A is in a healthy state and will be closing this incident.

Incident Start Time: 07-15-2021 10:06:00
Incident End Time:07-15-2021 18:50:00
Total Duration: 8 hours, 44 minutes

Jul 15, 18:32 UTC
Update - Our engineering team continues to troubleshoot to resolve the issue. Some users will still be temporarily affected and may need to log back in and reauthenticate if an issue is experienced.

Jul 15, 17:25 UTC
Update - Our engineering teams are running a naturalizing process on the backend which will disconnect some users temporarily, we expect users to be able to log back in afterward. We are continuing to monitor the state of our network devices, we appreciate your continued patience as we work to bring services back online.

Jul 15, 16:19 UTC
Monitoring - Our engineering team continues to monitor the load on the affected storage device.

Jul 15, 15:19 UTC
Update - Our engineers have identified that during a planned and routine maintenance at 7:32 UTC this morning a network system error caused high load on one of our storage devices. Our engineers successfully alleviated this load and are bringing services online in a controlled manner to resolve the issue.

Jul 15, 12:22 UTC
Identified - The engineering team has identified the issue within the Hosted Email system and is currently working on resolving the issue.

Jul 15, 11:39 UTC
Update - Our team is still investigating this issue, and we will provide updates when they are available.

Thank you for being patient while we continue to look into this issue for you.

Jul 15, 10:41 UTC
Update - We are aware this is still ongoing and are investigating this. We will post any updates when they are available.

Jul 15, 08:43 UTC
Investigating - We are currently experiencing a connection issue for a small set of email accounts on Cluster A. We are investigating this at this time, and will provide updates as they are available. Thank you for your patience.

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