Domain Availability Lookups – .UK

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Affected Service: Domain Availability Lookups - .UK

Oct 2, 23:52 UTC
Resolved - This incident is resolved. We will update a Postmortem once the root cause is determined.

Oct 2, 23:27 UTC
Monitoring - Our engineering team has implemented a fix by upgrading our logging configuration and restarting registry connection nodes. Domain Availability Lookups are functioning normally at this time. Our engineering team will continue to monitor the logs over the weekend to determine the root cause.

We appreciate your patience during this investigation.

Incident Start Time: 10-01-2020 15:13:00 UTC
Incident Start Time:10-02-2020 23:00:00 UTC
Total Duration: 1 day 8 hours 13 minutes

Oct 2, 21:26 UTC
Update - Our engineering team is gathering further data on the issue. Updates will be provided as we work towards a resolution.

Oct 2, 19:22 UTC
Update - Our engineering team executed a change to implement a workaround to restore services. However, the issue persisted so the change was reverted. The engineering team continues to troubleshoot the issue.

Oct 2, 16:10 UTC
Update - We are continuing to work with Nominet technical team about the issue. We will update here as soon as we make any progress.

Oct 2, 14:04 UTC
Update - The .UK registry (Nominet) has updated us and suspect a number of queries could be the culprit due to a coding issue and are investigating. Our engineering team has been engaged to respond to their inquiries.

Oct 2, 10:45 UTC
Update - The registry (Nominet) is aware of the situation, and it has been raised with their technical team. The issue is still being investigated, and we will update as soon as we have more information. We thank you for your patience.

Oct 1, 20:29 UTC
Update - We have been trying to reach out to the registry (Nominet) but have not been able to get a response. We will continue to reach out for an update.

Oct 1, 19:25 UTC
Update - We are continuing our efforts to make contact with the Nominet registry regarding Domain Availability Lookups.

Next Update: Within 60 mins

Oct 1, 18:14 UTC
Update - We have reached out to the Nominet registry regarding this issue but have not heard back yet.

Next Update: Within 60 minutes

Oct 1, 17:05 UTC
Identified - The engineering team has identified the issue to be on the registry side. We have reached out to the Nominet registry to investigate further.

Oct 1, 16:30 UTC
Update - Our investigation efforts continue while we look into this problem. Domain Availability Lookups are intermittently showing taken when available.

Next Update: Within 30 minutes

Oct 1, 15:44 UTC
Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue with false positives being returned when searching for .UK domains. This has affected both domain registrations and transfers for the .UK TLD. Our development teams have been engaged.

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