[GRA1/BHS1][Compute] – End of Sales – Catalog v1

OVH Cloud Original incident notification from OVH Data Center

Affected Service: [GRA1/BHS1][Compute] - End of Sales - Catalog v1

Sep 1, 02:51 UTC
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Jul 26, 11:55 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.

Jul 26, 11:54 UTC
Scheduled - End time : 01/09/2023 00:00 UTC
Service impact : no longer be able to start new instances of types : HG / EG / SP (dedicated resources) and VPS-SSD / S1 (sandboxes)
Service improvement : Following our continuous improvement policy the catalog v1 of public cloud go to EoS. Impacted types will be removed from the catalogue.
Workaround : Here is how the old and new ranges match up:
EGs are being replaced by B2
HGs are being replaced by C2
SPs are being replaced by R2
VPS-SSD and S1 are being replaced by D2

We regularly update our solutions, and our current instance catalogue offers you better performance at competitive prices. We advise that you migrate your applications hosted on the above instances to other solutions in the current range.
However, please note that instances built on these ranges and currently running will not be shut down.
All variations of these ranges are affected, regardless of their size and operation, including their SSD variants.
Instances of these ranges that have already been booted can be kept for now. You can always rebuild one of these instances if needed.
However, we recommend planning to migrate to a newer instance range.
Please view our catalogue for more information.
Generally, the new ranges run on newer hardware and benefit from improvements such increased cache capacity and more bus bandwidth.
What’s more, all instances now work with a local root disk on the hypervisor. Unlike some instances from the previous range, the EG, SP and HG models do not have the “-SSD” suffix.
You can still launch an instance on a remote disk.

It will be possible to resize instances based on the old range by targeting an instance type from the current range. However, there is a technical constraint that will force you to select a more powerful machine most of the time. The disk size must be equal to or greater than the target instance. For example, an EG-15 instance (400 GB of disk) can be migrated to a B2-60 (also 400 GB of disk), while an EG-15-SSD (200 GB of disk) can be migrated to a B2-30 (also 200 GB of disk).
Instances with large disks that don’t have an equivalent in the current range (the EG-120, HG-120 and SP-240 models) will need to be migrated manually, via a reinstallation or an optimisation of the system image.

Thank you for choosing OVHcloud.
The OVHcloud Team

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