[GRA5/GRA7/GRA9/SBG5/WAW1/SGP1/BHS5/SYD1/DE1/UK1/VA1/OR1][Public cloud] – End of life for Kubernetes 1.21

OVH Cloud Original incident notification from OVH Data Center

Affected Service: [GRA5/GRA7/GRA9/SBG5/WAW1/SGP1/BHS5/SYD1/DE1/UK1/VA1/OR1][Public cloud] - End of life for Kubernetes 1.21

THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT Jul 4, 06:00 UTC  -  Jul 6, 17:00 UTC

May 17, 02:49 UTC
Scheduled - Start time : 04/07/2023 06:00 UTC
End time : 06/07/2023 17:00 UTC
Service impact : No impact except for the apps that do not support the new version (1.22).
Service improvement : The aim of this maintenance is to upgrade deprecated clusters to a supported newer version (1.22).

For a live view and overall network health, visit our system status page

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