Network:: gra2-10|15a/b-n56

OVH Cloud Original incident notification from OVH Data Center

Affected Service: Network:: gra2-10|15a/b-n56

Task Type: Maintenance

Category: Whole Network

Status: Finished

An upgrade campaign is launched on all Nexus 5000/5600/6000 of Baremetal aggregator switches.

See general task travaux

////////////////////////// Schedule for 31 May 2021 ////////////////////////////

Maintenance date:31st May 2021, 22:00 - 2:00 (Paris Time) in Graveline, FR datacenter
Impact : Reload: Could have 2 to 5 minutes impact
gra2-10a/b-n56 (Impacted subnets:,,,
gra2-15a/b-n56 (Impacted Subnets:,,,

For a live view and overall network health, visit our system status page

Have an issue thats being affected by this maintenance? Open a Ticket and we can help you find a solution.

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