[RBX8][Public Cloud] – R823R02

OVH Cloud Original incident notification from OVH Data Center

Affected Service: [RBX8][Public Cloud] - R823R02

Dec 5, 02:46 UTC
Resolved - Start time : 04/12/2023 23:21 UTC
End time : 05/12/2023 02:24 UTC
Root cause : Due to hardware issue, some hosts in rack R823R02 were unreachable.
Our technical teams resolved the issue. All impacted services are now operational.
Impacted hosts:
host1564838, host1564840, host1564841
host1564842, host1564844, host1564847
host1564849, host1628410, host1628414
host1628415, host1628416, host1628451
host1628459, host1628464, host1628603
host1628605, host1628607, host1628610

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