Observability Challenges Solved with SolarWinds Observability

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By Tony Palmer, Principal Validation Analyst; and Justin Boyer, Validation Analyst

Modern application architecture focuses on microservices and cloud-first architecture, which means there are many smaller applications connecting to each other to accomplish a task. These smaller applications are often deployed into container-based environments. This architecture introduces observability challenges, as there are more endpoints to monitor to maintain application availability. Organizations need an observability solution built for modern application architectures.


In the Technical Validation report, “SolarWinds Observability: Observability and Service Management for Modern Application Architectures,” TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group examined SolarWinds® Observability for its ability to support organizations no matter where they are in their digital transformation journeys. In this Technical Summary, we highlight some of the high-level findings. For the full analysis, you can download the report for free.

SolarWinds Observability

SolarWinds Observability features

SolarWinds Observability is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering built as a cloud-native service that organizations can deploy into AWS or Azure data centers.

SolarWinds Observability ingests various data feeds from network infrastructure, cloud-native apps, databases, and cloud services. It can provide deep observability across the entire IT technology ecosystem and employs machine learning-powered analysis to optimize security and compliance, helping to reduce false positives and increase insight quality. Individual data points, logs, and events can be simplified into concrete reports on performance, compliance, and user experience.

SolarWinds has built this solution based on its Secure by Design principles, including the development of a Next-Generation Build System, which is setting a new standard in secure software and applying strong security principles to infrastructure, people, and software development to help ensure resiliency against cyberattacks.

SolarWinds Observability dashboard view

Enterprise Strategy Group Technical Validation Highlights

Enterprise Strategy Group examined SolarWinds Observability to validate its full-stack observability solution and Secure by Design principles. Below is a summary of the findings:

  • Enterprise Strategy Group examined the full-stack observability that SolarWinds provides across public cloud, on-premises, and hybrid cloud environments and how SolarWinds Observability serves organizations’ DevOps needs.
  • SolarWinds Observability provides a single view of all tracked entities as well as the opportunity to drill down into specific entities. For example, SolarWinds Observability tracks website health and availability and warns administrators when Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates are about to expire.
  • SolarWinds Observability provides detailed tracing information, allowing administrators to pinpoint exactly where a problem resides within a web service’s technology stack.
  • The SolarWinds Next-Generation Build System will use ephemeral operations with no long-lived environments, deterministically produced build products, parallel builds, and a record of every build step for traceability to ensure resiliency against cyberattacks without hurting the developer experience.


Though companies continue to embrace the cloud to create and deploy business applications quickly using microservices in container-based environments, these architectures increase the number of entities required to keep applications available and make observability a challenge.

Enterprise Strategy Group validated how SolarWinds Observability combines various signals, such as events, logs, and network traffic from different sources to provide deep insights. We experienced how SolarWinds Observability enables teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications with intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboards and advanced tracing capabilities. SolarWinds Observability is worth a serious look for organizations working to fully embrace cloud-native architecture while minimizing risk. To read the full technical analysis of SolarWinds Observability from Enterprise Strategy Group, you can download the report here.

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