Saving Customers Money Through Thoughtful Solutions to Long-Term Problems

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As EVP, chief customer officer, I regularly speak with enterprise-level customers to provide continued support and strategize how SolarWinds can best support their goals. When my team or I meet with executives who have chosen to partner with us, we always start with two things in mind: 1) what the change looks like and 2) how we can facilitate it. Our goal is to provide solutions to the challenges our customers face.

We strive to understand not only the unique challenges they face but how those challenges affect their business on daily and in the long term. In doing so, we’ve been able to provide guidance and industry-leading solutions to produce impressive results for our customers. In these three cases, SolarWinds was able to simplify processes and improve return on investment for our customers.

The three case studies are below:
An enterprise cloud operations team saved millions with SolarWinds full-stack observability
A retailer in Europe reduced OpEx by $478,000 by moving to SolarWinds full-stack observability
A communications service provider saved millions by expanding to SolarWinds full-stack observability

As I reflected on these three recent customer experiences implementing our solutions, I realized they all share one thing in common: these enterprises had an issue affecting daily work and causing financial and technical problems in the long term. We were able to provide solutions for their issues while providing customer service supporting long-term growth and financial stability. Much like with these three examples, enterprise-level organizations can achieve positive financial results and improved productivity and issue resolution with SolarWinds.

True partnership for long-term success

As an enterprise ourselves—particularly one focused on network observability and security—we understand what it takes to address issues and change for the better. We’ve grown quite a bit in the last several years and have dealt with the resulting struggles. For this reason, we’re uniquely aware of the obstacles our enterprise clients face when tackling tech challenges. In each of the three case studies featured above, our customers were facing issues affecting their teams’ daily productivity and the success of their IT departments. Our solutions are built to address these issues, and internal and customer feedback fuel our continuous innovation.

Today, most of our customers, are going through (or preparing for) digital transformations. To assist, we look at how our solutions can help immediately and how they can scale to continue to help in the future. Our customer success managers (CSMs) work to understand the issues the enterprise faces and then determine how and where SolarWinds solutions can help. In addition to our monitoring and observability solutions, we also offer free and paid tools designed to help your IT teams find solutions to common IT issues.

Solutions designed to scale at your pace

The SolarWinds® Platform is built to provide a single home for SolarWinds products, allowing our customers to choose the solution stack to best suit their needs. It’s designed to connect with your critical business services to provide flexibility, visibility, and control no matter where your environment lives or where you’re going next.

It’s the simplicity you expect from SolarWinds with on-premises and cloud-native software as a service (SaaS) deployment models to support you. Our CSMs work with our clients to provide guidance on our products to create the right stack. Every step of your transformation journey and growth is supported, from our Orion modules to our new observability solutions.

The three customers highlighted here dealt with issues resulting from growth, and these issues were affecting their bottom lines. By partnering with SolarWinds, they were able to adopt solutions to save them time and money while supporting their future growth. With our customizable and adaptable solutions, your digital transformation is fully supported. We’re partners not just for today but for the future.

Dedicated support whenever you need it

Every day, my team works to provide our customers with solutions.

I spend most of my time working directly with the C-suite and stakeholders of our enterprise clients, listening to their business needs and providing the help they need. We provide the resources our clients need and customize them based on the level of partnership and business/relationship—if they need a dedicated team, for example, we can facilitate one. We always have 24/7 support available, and our entire executive team is available to speak with our clients.

Each of the three featured customers adopted multiple products—including our observability solutions—to streamline previous inefficiencies and improve overhead costs. All three were successful. The case studies focus on the cost savings element, but the decreases in overhead costs were also due to our excellent support services. Whether a stakeholder or an IT professional had a question or concern, either I, my team, or our IT support was able to provide a speedy resolution.

We understand your transition as we transform ourselves

With SolarWinds solutions, you can discover the convenience of accessing a variety of IT solutions from one platform and easily integrating additional solutions as your business evolves. We continuously update our products based on the feedback customers provide.

We build simple, powerful IT software to serve your needs best. We’ve used our 22+ years of IT experience to develop new products, providing observability to our customers through SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability and our SaaS-based SolarWinds Observability solution, both of which are designed to provide a single pane of glass visibility into your network.

In all three case studies, the enterprises opted to adopt observability solutions to save time and money and built upon them with additional services and tools. Our observability solutions offer the simplicity you expect from SolarWinds with deployment models to support you at every step of the transformation journey. They’re built to improve workloads and productivity and support efficiency.

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